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My name is Bruce Yu Yue.


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📕 Reading
Sci-Fi: Some featured books: Galactic Empire by Asimov, Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang...
🤓 Learning
Web Dev, Data Viz, UIUX Design, Social Network Analysis, and more to explore...
😎 Other
Chinese Folk Music (bamboo flute) / Photography / Fitness / Dim Sum

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Courses taken at HKUST
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  • Ehsan Ul Haq, Tristan Braud, Lik Hang Lee, Anish Krishna Vallapuram, Yue Yu, Gareth Tyson and Pan Hui. Short, Colorful, and Irreverent! A Comparative Analysis of New Users on WallstreetBets During the Gamestop Short-squeeze. In 31st ACM Web Conference (WWW), Lyon, France (2022). [Acceptance Rate: 17%]
SDE Intern
Tencent 騰訊 PCG

Platform & Content Group (PCG) is responsible for Tencent's Internet platform and development of the content ecosystem.

· Participated in the developing of image-text retrieval Microservices using RPC and Python.
· Developed a website visualizing the team’s deep learning models, using Vue.js and Node.js (Koa).
Frontend Developer Intern

AQUMON provides intelligent investment solutions for individuals and institutions.

· Participated in the developing of the frontend of the Stock Order Management System from scratch, using Vue.js, Vuex, and Echarts.js.
Computational Social Science

It is an interactive web tool that aims to help both non-specialists and social science scholars study sexist speech on the mainstream Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo.

· Designed and developed the website using Vue.js and the data visualization components using D3.js.
· Analyzed the social media data using various computational methods including topic modeling, geospatial analysis, and regression analysis.

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Web Board Game
Game of Kings

It's a multiplayer strategic game and the players have different identities, and skills. "Bullet" is the hard currency and the players can shoot the people they suspect or trade the bullets with others. There are two opposite camps: kings and plebeians. The kings need to recognize other kings and the plebeians need to prevent the kings from meeting.

· Developed the game as a full-stack developer using Vue.js, .NET Framework, and SQL Server.
· Worked seamlessly with the game designer, discussed and improved the balance and the logical flow from time to time.


📧Email: yyubv@connect.ust.hk

📞Tel: s3cr3t

🏠Address: You may find me in a restaurant or a gym